The NOAA FOIA Office (301-628-5658) can answer questions on FOIA policy and processing. This section lists FOIA Hotline/Help Desk numbers from other sources in resolving specific FOIA questions.

The Department of Commerce
Office of General Counsel
Office of the Assistant General Counsel for Administration
Attorney for the Day: (202) 482-5384
The Department of Justice
Office of Information and Privacy
Help Desk (Attorney for the Day): (202) 514-3642

(Please contact the DOC Attorney of the day before contacting The United States Department of Justice Help Desk).

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Help Desk: (202) 324-9756
Conventional Fax Number: (202) 324-9761
Secure Fax Number (202) 324-9764

The FBI Help Desk was established to provide faster, more efficient assistance to government agencies when FBI information or documents surface as a result of a FOIA/PA request.

Personnel are present from 6:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, EDT. The FBI urges agencies to contact the Help Desk before making a referral by mail.